Year 3 History Excursion Report

September 10th, 2017 | Posted by Sarah Kennedy | Filed in: General

Please find attached 3K’s report on the History Excursion to Old Government House and Experiment Farm last week.

At Old Government House, we went into a classroom and they showed us how schools were in 1815. We wrote on chalkboards and wiped our writing off with a piece of cloth. We also went on a tour and found out that James Oatley, the man that made the clock in Oatley, was a convict.

At Experiment Farm we were given cards and had a plant quiz to find out how each plant was used in the 1800s, we learnt about operations, about a doctor, a thief who stole two pocket watches and we planted corn. My favourite parts were planting corn and the 1815 lesson in the classroom.

By Eva – 3K

3K History Excursion photos