Student Voice – SRC Report

March 12th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski | Filed in: General

Last Monday¬†5th March, was the school’s first SRC meeting for 2018, where we discussed the roles and responsibilities of the SRC team.

The SRC’s job is mainly to look after the school and help organise fundraising for the school and other selected organisations. The meetings take place 1st half lunch every Monday in Miss Arvanitis’ room and are run by Miss Arvanitis, Mrs Kennedy and the school leadership team. The SRC will be involved in fundraising events and activities that happen around the school such as the Oatley Annual Soccer Competition.

Each meeting will have two main areas- General Business and Fundraising Items to discuss. In General Business students will discuss issues at a school level and improvements needed for the school. For fundraising the students will share fundraising ideas, through the Suggestion box located in the Library or during class SRC meetings to ensure we have a more efficient and effective way of communicating.

SRC students will be required to bring a notebook and pen to every meeting. They will use this to take notes of what has been discussed and refer to this information at their class meeting after lunch. Year 6 students will support the younger students, who are new to this role. Members of the SRC conduct class meetings to explain upcoming events and have opportunity to share their ideas.

We look forward to listening to everybody’s ideas and thoughts at the next meeting.

5th March Report

SRC Leadership Team,

Mali and Finley