Oatley RSL-Sponsor Interview

June 10th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski | Filed in: General

Oatley Public School is very grateful to all the sponsors that provide financial support. Through the fostering of relationships between the school and the local business community via sponsorships we can improve and expand the range of educational services provided to our students. As a Platinum sponsor, our leadership team spent some time with Oatley RSL to continue building relationships. The students made some connections interviewing Mr Steven Holt, Operations Manager of Oatley RSL.

Do you think sponsoring our school and making community connections is important?

Definitely important, Oatley RSL is founded as a community club and in years gone past we have fallen away from that, so we are trying to reconnect with our roots and give back to the community. Therefore, supporting schools and local sporting clubs helps us give back to the community.

How has Oatley RSL connected with our school in the last year?

We have sponsored Oatley Public School by becoming a Platinum sponsor in 2017 as part of your Centenary celebrations in September. We also ran the Christmas Tree competition where local schools were invited to decorate a tree in the foyer and Oatley Public School was provided with a $500 prize for receiving the most votes.

What other ways do you think we can keep supporting each other?

I think as a club we can keep supporting the school by firstly providing financial support and secondly provide a fun friendly environment for you and your family to come and have dinner.

What is your role at the RSL?

My role at Oatley RSL is Operations, which means I looks after the day to day running of the club. I make sure we have enough stock to sell, staffing, marketing and other resources to make sure the club is running smoothly.

How did you come about getting your job?

I was working in this industry whilst studying at university. A job came up at a similar time as my studies were being completed and I decided to take it.

How is sponsoring our school benefiting your club?

Oatley RSL is a very small club, so sponsorship provides us with coverage that enables the club brand to become more known in the community. This allows local community members to attend the club for functions and dinner events. The club was under the radar so coverage like this is very positive for the club.

In what other ways is the RSL involved in the local community?

The ANZAC ceremony, which is aligned with our sub branch is another significant way we are involved with the community. We supply a complimentary breakfast and drinks for this event. We are also looking into supporting other schools such as Oatley Campus as it too is a local school like Oatley Public School.

We like to thank Mr Holt and Oatley RSL for their continued support in sponsoring our school.

Leadership Team,

Mali, Finley, Mykayla and Zac