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The Oatley Public School Canteen is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week (excluding first week of each year) and is run by school parents and friends. All surplus monies raised by the canteen go directly back into the school education budget.

School Canteen Committee

A Canteen Committee is elected at the end of each year to run the canteen. It consists of a Purchasing Officer (and Assistant, if available), a Treasurer and a Rosters Officer. The Canteen Committee encourages your participation either on the committee or at the canteen.

Parent Helpers

As parents, we can assure you that every child loves to have their mother or father on canteen duty! Individuals are only rostered on once or twice a term. A “day” at the canteen is actually from 9:30 am to approximately 12:30 to 1:00 pm. Three to four people are rostered on each day, and new volunteers are generally rostered on with a “veteran”.

If you are interested in being part of the Canteen Committee or the canteen roster, please contact the Canteen Co-ordinator.

No Nut Policy

Oatley Public is a “No Peanut Butter” school as we have children who are highly allergic to peanuts and the scent of peanuts. We request your co-operation in not sending peanut butter to school.

Lunch orders

Lunch orders can be placed with the school canteen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, apart from the first week of the year.

Ordering Details

Lunch orders should have the following information written on the lower half of a large paper bag:

  • Name and class
  • Money total and change if required (the change will be taped to the outside of the bag).
  • If you have ordered both hot and cold items, please attach an extra bag which will allow them to be packed separately.
  • Paper bags supplied by the canteen are 10c each.

The Canteen Menu & prices change regularly to add new food items for each season and reflect any price changes and can be found on the Parent Resources page.