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Oatley offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including:


There are approximately 100 Year 3-6 students participating in the training band, intermediate band or concert band. Joining the band provides opportunities to learn an instrument, an ability to develop teamwork skills, a positive social environment to develop friendships and pride in representing the school. The bands perform regularly and are supported by a strong parent and staff based committee. Band members participate in a highly successful annual band camp conducted over a week-end on the school premises. The musical foundations developed by the band program have led to many past and present students being selected to perform with the Sydney South East Regional Band.

If your child is interested in joining the band in 2015 please read the information booklet.


As part of the creative arts curriculum all K-6 students are involved in a music program. All students participate in developing skills in singing, playing untuned percussion instruments, rhythm and beat programs and creative music ensembles. This provides the opportunity for students to choose further participation in major school music programs such as choir, dance or band.

Senior and Junior Choir

Junior Choir caters for Year Two students who display an interest in choral performances.

Senior Choir caters for Year Three to Six students who wish to continue performing in a combined choral environment.

Both choirs rehearse in our performing arts time on Thursdays at 9.20am to 10.00am. One of the highlights of the year is their opportunity to perform at the Hurstville  Zone Music Festival in August at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre.


Oatley provides opportunity for students to participate in a dance program Presently a Boy’s dance Years 3-6, Senior Mixed Dance Years 3-6 and Junior Dance Years K-2 has been offered. Each group has numbers of 20 – 50 students attending.  These students perform at the annual Hurstville Zone Music Festival and Hurstville Westfields Shopping Centre for Education Week.

The school also offers a K-6 Program of dance as part of the creative arts program so that all students participate in the program. Often these performances are presented to the parents and community for Education Week.

Public Speaking

The K-6 program improves student confidence, enhances self-esteem and develops oracy skills. The highlight of the program is the annual K-6 public speaking competition and finals night. The school also competes in the Multi-Cultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition and the St George Area Public Speaking Competition where students have been regular finalists.


Debating has maintained a high profile in the school over the past nine years and is offered to all Stage 3 students. The debating team competes in the Sydney South East Primary Schools Debating Competition.

Student Representative Council

Each year a Student Representative Council (SRC) is elected from students at Oatley Public School. Each class elects two members to the SRC. Members of the SRC are responsible for feeding back information to their respective classes K to 6.

From the selected class members an Executive Committee is then formed. The SRC Executive Committee comprises a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A nominated teacher facilitates the overall operation of the SRC.

The SRC is responsible for the organisation of whole school assemblies, representing the student body, fundraising for particular charities and providing a model of leadership, behaviour and responsibility for all students in the school. The SRC is invited and encouraged to have input into the School Council and other school matters where appropriate.

EduWeb – technology group

This computer group meet once a week to explore and create work using web 2 tools and other computer applications. The students use lego robotics and are the compilers of the student news. The focus is to encourage exploration and investigative skills using the computer to create meaningful communication.

Creative Arts projects

Oatley Public School provides a wide range of opportunities for the students within the areas of creative arts. School dance and band programs run in conjunction with the classroom learning programs. Visual arts, drama, dance and music are all integral aspects of our school teaching and learning curriculum. In addition, students are kept abreast of creative experiences that may be offered within the wider community.

Oatley Public School participates in the annual Lions International Peace Poster Competition. This competition encourages children, aged 11-13, to creatively express what peace means to them.

Green Sparks

Our Environmental Group, the Green Sparks, meet every Tuesday in the vegetable garden. Students are actively involved in hands-on gardening activities to produce organic fertilisers, recycle organic waste, and grow fruit and vegetables for our school’s canteen. This fosters and encourages an interest in gardening and provides students with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain sustainable environments. We have links with the Oatley Permaculture Group through our gardening instructor, Mr Heffernan.

Student News Team

Those students in years 4-6 who express an interest can become part of the team responsible for collating and producing the student news each month.

Active After School Program

The school was successful in achieving a grant from the Federal Government supporting an active lifestyle. Trained school staff operate an after school sports program twice a week for K-6 students. Presently we have 50 students participate.