From the Principal’s Desk

Meet the Teacher

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Wednesday 21 February is our Meet The Teacher evening. We have changed the format of this evening so that parents can meet the Stage teams and their executive leaders together. Information in regards to the collaborative planning and implementation of programs to your child will be covered. Following each team introduction some stage teams will invite parents back into classrooms to elaborate on some of the specific management processes they wish to deliver to parents.

Year 6 parents the school will be handing out the information guide and expression of interest forms to parents in their stage session for your child to make choices for their Year 7 enrolling school for 2019. I will be available to answer any questions for completing out this form. We are providing these forms early for you but please remember many high schools are still providing open evening /days for parents to attend. The due date for all forms to be back at school is 16 march, 2018. It is important that these are returned as the following week choices are sent off to high schools.

Our swimming carnival is a great school event and I know the teachers have worked very hard to ensure safety of your child. Children must have a permission note to attend showing their level of swimming ability.

Our scripture/non scripture and ethics classes also begin this Wednesday. Children are allocated into their groups according to the enrolment information. Kindergarten have been given an ethics note if no religion or non scripture was documented on their enrolment. Kinder ethics won’t be starting unless a volunteer can be found. The new time for this scripture time is K-2 9.20am – 9.50am. Followed by 3-6 9.50am – 10.20am. Please make sure your child is here by 9.15am in the morning as many programs running in the school from morning lines is not necessarily in your child’s normal classroom and it can be difficult for them as they get upset in remembering where to go. This is inclusive of Library, Technology room, scripture, sports programs and living skills program.

Thank you parents for supporting the first two weeks of 2018

February 11th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

  • All our programs have now begun. The life skills program has started to have great success. Dance with Pulse Studios will have one more week only for junior and senior and boys dance to enrol.
  • We are attaching professional reading articles on our website now so parents have a clear direction of the direction Oatley PS is heading. Our school plan directions are collaboration, effective feedback and knowledge construction. Read the articles as we embark on consolidating these competencies.  (more…)

Welcome to 2018

February 2nd, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

We had a great week of returning to school for 2018. Our Year 1-6 students were settled into their new classes with their teachers on their first day of returning to school. Our new Kindergarten students are now in their 2018 classes and have been so settled for the first week of their primary school career. The whole school will be assembling on the south site beginning Monday 5 February.

The 2018 staff will be published on our website, however, all teachers provided students with a welcome letter and their class name throughout last week. Thank you to a great team to start this year.

We are working really hard to ensure our communication to parents is effective. On our website we have a notes for parents and we will try to ensure all notes are added here. Students do get hard copies but just in case there is a lost note parents have access to these notes. There are also spare copies in the front foyer of these notes.

Please check the Swimming carnival note for students Years 3-6. Notes, payment and your child’s swimming ability must come back to school as our carnival is on Tuesday 20 February.

Our Life Skills program has begun. This program will continue throughout this term and students will have 8 weeks of this program. Our fees invoice will cover the cost but we need all permission notes back by the end of this week. Please remember the Parent Life Skills program being delivered on Wednesday 14 February, 2018 @6pm – 7.30pm.

Each student needs to complete a safety pick up note. Each teacher records your expectation of pick up/dismissal safety of your child and this is displayed in each classroom to ensure we have clear communication. Students can be dismissed by teachers other than their usual class teacher.

Our Fees notes will be distributed on Monday to all students now that we are settled into our classes. These notes are also on the website. Payment details are inclusive of these notes but please remember the school must have the pay envelopes back with your payment number on it (if using credit card) and signed permission for the event/s.

Years 5 & 6 received their ICT notes and there is an agreement that must be signed by parents to ensure safe use of BYO devices at school and returned before students begin access. The APPS needed were also attached.

The PULSE DANCE program begins on Monday 5 February. Notes for EOIs must be brought to the sessions offered to allow Karen & Craig McGuire names and numbers of participating students.


2016 Annual School Report and 2017 School Strategic Plan

March 24th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Dear Parents,

Please follow the link below for these two documents which are now available for you to read:​

A Non Scripture and Ethics note has gone to every students who does not participate in a nominated Scripture program. This note invites students of Non Scripture and Ethics to participate in the combined Scripture performances that celebrate Easter and Christmas. If you would like your child/children to attend these two Scripture performances could you please complete these and send this note back to your child’s class teacher. The first of the two performances is Wednesday 5th April, 2017. Thank you for this opportunity for your child to opt into these programs.

A reminder to book your Parent – Student – Teacher Interview on line for Week beginning Monday 3 April, 2017. The link is operational until COB next Wednesday 29 March 2017.

Safety for our students

March 19th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

The weather has been terrible for our students and this is the time when our students are in a hurry to get out of the rain that accidents happen. We have been sending home safety information this term and the most important message that we can give parents is that our primary aged students do not have the independence to act wisely in road safety. Incidents reported so far this term have been students darting out between parked cars to cross streets, cars double parked which prevents visibility and our students riding to school without helmets just scootering across roads. We are revising safety procedures in our classes and with the introduction of a bike/scooter license but we ask parents to reinforce these safety messages with their child/children.

Students entering the playground before the 8.50am bell is also unsafe. There is no teacher supervision before that time so students are at risk of hurting themselves without the school aware. Please drop your child off when the school day begins at 8.50am and there is supervision.

The school was in alert last week due to an incident in a local school where a students was approached by a stranger. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of students exiting the school at the 3.20pm bell and going straight home or to the place where you expect them to be. We have discussed strategies in classes around stranger danger so please reinforce this to your child.

We care for the safety of your child and need your support as our students need constant reinforcing due their young ages.