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Students enrolments for 2019

June 8th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Kindergarten enrolments are now been taken for 2019. Please contact the office for the enrolment papers and we can then provide you with further information in regards to Kinder Orientation dates/days later in the year. If you know of at young families as your neighbours please let them know this information. Children turning 5 years old by July 2019 are eligible to enrol.

If parents know their child is not returning to Oatley PS in 2019, excepting our Year 6 students, or taking a holiday break and returning after the 2019 school start date we need parents to write a letter to inform the school.

We are now looking at our 2019 enrolments which drives our funding and our staffing entitlement.

Our school hall, Canteen and OOOSH is being painted next week so alternative arrangements have been made to ensure our student programs are maintained, however, our community users at night will be postponed until the final clearance to reuse the facility has been made. All Pulse dance programs will be held in J BLOCK and Wednesday bands in the LIBRARY. Thursday band is cancelled due to SPAF mass choir rehearsals and Mr Wheatley’s involvement.

SPAF tickets for evening and matinee performances will be online for sales on Monday. Notes have gone home to all students involved. Parents must know the individual performances and dates that their child will be performing. The matinee sessions are perfect for extended family as great seating is available.

A huge thank you to Sandy Grekas for organising the Interrelate program last Wednesday for parents and children. They were the largest numbers of attendees we have had.





Another grant successful

June 3rd, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Through the P&C and school the Yates grant to beautify the existing playground for students has been co9mplketed. This area will allow children to walk through on the stepping stones a planted area and learn the scientific name of individual flowery plants along with a variety of different herbs that can be used for cooking. This garden attracts butterflies so it is very colourful. It is found in between the new landscaping and vegetable garden. Thank you to Claudia and Sueanne for actioning the grant and for Claudia & Ross our GA for getting the plants garden complete.

Oatley SPAF auditions were successful last week and now we proceed to the concerts in August this year. Further details will be given to the items/choir/band groups.

Our teacher quality teacher rounds begin this week where our teachers share their teaching practices among their peers with a focus on formative feedback. The collaboration of this practice and the feedback to teachers provides professional growth in their practice. All teachers are now aligned to accreditation as from this year so professional learning must be an integral component of this accreditation.

PSSA Season 2 begins this week so please ensure notes are returned as this can be a contact sport and we will not allow travel by bus or participation without this note. Some teams will be training across on Memorial Park so coaches will notify parents of this.

We are now officially in Winter uniform as from 1 June 2018.

We are now entering into mid term 2.

May 25th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

We are looking forward to presenting our dances that we learnt from the support of FOOTSTEPS on our OPEN DAY which will be held on Thursday 9 August, 2018 from 9.20am – 11.20am. This will be our Public Education Week Open Day event.

Coming up this week are our St George performing Arts auditions for three dance/musical theatre groups along with our 3-6 choir combining with other schools for rehearsal of this mass choir for this festival.

Season 2 PSSA teams trialled last Friday on their skills for their choice of PSSA team. Students will be notified of their success throughout the week and any students who were sick for trials will be given that opportunity early in this week.

We have updated our authority to give permission cards which parents will remember were required to complete on school admission. These were in the form of being pink/blue so teachers have a very quick reference point for signed permission by parents. We will maintain existing permission to publish cards however, some were not completed correctly so if your child does bring a pink (girl) or blue (card) we ask parents to please tick each category and sign that they give permission to. This school is unique historically because of its location to council grounds because our school is limited in flat space for  sporting activities and this is one category on the authority for permission. We asked parents’ consent to walk to Memorial Park for sporting activities particularly training and we have recently added Moore Reserve. We will endeavour to communicate when events occur at these local walking locations or PSSA training will be held on these grounds and some students will be sent home specific notes to confirm yes/no permission.

Finally please remember our lost property is on the north site as it is close to the tagging bay, uniform shop and second hand selling shop. Winter creates so many lost jumpers so make sure they are labelled with your child’s name who is the current owner.

Congratulations on our students participating in the PSSA finals & exceptional teaching learning programs.

May 18th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

AFL teams were successful winners of the trophy for this first season of PSSA. Congratulations on your teamwork, skills and performance at this finals day. Thank you to their coach, Mr Prenzel.

ur students in Year 3 & 5 sat their NAPLAN tests last week and I was very proud of their attitude in completing the tests and their ability to just understand that it was something very different to what they usually experience in their classroom programs. Results will come to the school and sent home to parents usually in Term 3.

The Pirates are taking over Year 1 and the excitement mounts as they create the pirate ships while Kindergarten are trialling different materials that would be waterproof as they design their own raincoats to wear in their bush adventure. What a treat to see and hear the young children talk about all their learnings not to mention their excitement in the design and making activity.

The solar system captures the imagination of all the stage 2 students and stage 3 are immersed in understanding cultural diversity. It is an incredibly rewarding experience to witness the extensive programs that our students are studying and how the teachers are developing the child’s competencies and skills with a real focus on collaboration.

Meet the Teacher

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Wednesday 21 February is our Meet The Teacher evening. We have changed the format of this evening so that parents can meet the Stage teams and their executive leaders together. Information in regards to the collaborative planning and implementation of programs to your child will be covered. Following each team introduction some stage teams will invite parents back into classrooms to elaborate on some of the specific management processes they wish to deliver to parents.

Year 6 parents the school will be handing out the information guide and expression of interest forms to parents in their stage session for your child to make choices for their Year 7 enrolling school for 2019. I will be available to answer any questions for completing out this form. We are providing these forms early for you but please remember many high schools are still providing open evening /days for parents to attend. The due date for all forms to be back at school is 16 march, 2018. It is important that these are returned as the following week choices are sent off to high schools.

Our swimming carnival is a great school event and I know the teachers have worked very hard to ensure safety of your child. Children must have a permission note to attend showing their level of swimming ability.

Our scripture/non scripture and ethics classes also begin this Wednesday. Children are allocated into their groups according to the enrolment information. Kindergarten have been given an ethics note if no religion or non scripture was documented on their enrolment. Kinder ethics won’t be starting unless a volunteer can be found. The new time for this scripture time is K-2 9.20am – 9.50am. Followed by 3-6 9.50am – 10.20am. Please make sure your child is here by 9.15am in the morning as many programs running in the school from morning lines is not necessarily in your child’s normal classroom and it can be difficult for them as they get upset in remembering where to go. This is inclusive of Library, Technology room, scripture, sports programs and living skills program.

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