From the Principal’s Desk

Update on Quality Teaching practices embedded into OPS teachers by our co-researcher Mrs Cynthia Hall – Consultant Masters Literacy Education

September 21st, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

I have been working in Term 3 with the teachers at Oatley Public School. Again we have been implementing Quality Teaching Rounds as a follow on from Term 1. As I wrote in Term 1, the excellence in both teaching and learning that is being achieved at the school has to be acknowledged and congratulated.  The excellent management skills of Mrs Lee have ensured that the complex organization of the program works effortlessly.

This term I have been observing the amazing work that is being implemented in Writing. The school is involved in an Action Research Program for Seven Steps To Writing Success. The standard of writing is excellent, with students producing detailed arguments and opinions in their writing of Persuasive Texts. Teachers have integrated The Quality Teaching Framework in all lessons, and their commitment to excellence in teaching is passionate.

I will be conducting Student and Parent Focus Groups in Term 3. Mrs Lee will be sending out a form for interested parents K-6. I will be asking questions around Effective Student Feedback, and I look forward to discussing and noting responses from both parents and students.

A huge thank you to Mrs hall for her role in working and developing the knowledge and teaching practices for our teachers. The value added for our students from this program is seen in their engagement of their learning, the ability to articulate the skills they learn and the transference into their work. We will continue on this journey of quality teaching practices as research tells us it is the quality of the teacher and their craft and their relationship with your child that makes a difference.

Again have a wonderful Spring break and be safe. We all return on Monday 9 October, 2017 to a wonderful celebration of cutting our school centenary cake. All parents and community welcome for the 9.30am to 10am event. We welcome Mrs Natalie Hale, Principal of Moorefields Girls High School, to this event to cut our cake as an ex student and DUX of the school. We also welcome any past students to this event.

Term 3 ends Friday 22 September 2017. Term 4 starts Monday 9 October 2017 for students and teachers.

September 15th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Have a wonderful Spring break and we look forward to our final term of this year.

Please be aware of these dates for the final term of this year. It will be a ten week term and teachers would have completed their two extra professional learning days before this term 4 ends on Friday 15 December 2017.

If any student is leaving the school at the end of this year in Kindergarten to Year 5 could parents please contact the office as we are looking at enrolments for 2018. Our Kindergarten enrolments are still coming in so if you know of anyone wishing to enrol their child get them to contact the office for applications.

Our calendar is our best means of communication for upcoming events so check the site regularly as we update all the time.

Be aware that our School Stream APP is being updated in the school holiday break and posts will be actioned to alert parents of these changes and what to do once this has been completed.

Congratulations on Oatley Public School celebrating 100 years

September 10th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

The day was spectacular and we had some many old school community visit the school awed by the historical display of past photos and significant items of the olden days. Students brought back memories of the song and dances of the last 100 years and the senior students took great pride in showing off their school now to many visitors so as to compare memories of how the school has changed. The excitement and the conversation flowed all morning. A great acknowledgement to our whole school community led by the P&C Centenary Committee and to the teaching staff led by our Centenary Committee.
The day continued into an evening extravaganza. Again lots of conversation continued, proud moments of history acknowledged and a delicious dinner at a beautiful reception venue. The Centenary Book is not to be missed as a quality product for keepsake and memories of this historic centenary 1917 – 2017 of Oatley Public School.
This has been an incredible commitment by our parents and teachers and students led by their committees to bring this day to be recognised in the history of our school. Thank you.

2016 Annual School Report and 2017 School Strategic Plan

March 24th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

Dear Parents,

Please follow the link below for these two documents which are now available for you to read:​

A Non Scripture and Ethics note has gone to every students who does not participate in a nominated Scripture program. This note invites students of Non Scripture and Ethics to participate in the combined Scripture performances that celebrate Easter and Christmas. If you would like your child/children to attend these two Scripture performances could you please complete these and send this note back to your child’s class teacher. The first of the two performances is Wednesday 5th April, 2017. Thank you for this opportunity for your child to opt into these programs.

A reminder to book your Parent – Student – Teacher Interview on line for Week beginning Monday 3 April, 2017. The link is operational until COB next Wednesday 29 March 2017.

Safety for our students

March 19th, 2017 | Posted by Debbie Hunter

The weather has been terrible for our students and this is the time when our students are in a hurry to get out of the rain that accidents happen. We have been sending home safety information this term and the most important message that we can give parents is that our primary aged students do not have the independence to act wisely in road safety. Incidents reported so far this term have been students darting out between parked cars to cross streets, cars double parked which prevents visibility and our students riding to school without helmets just scootering across roads. We are revising safety procedures in our classes and with the introduction of a bike/scooter license but we ask parents to reinforce these safety messages with their child/children.

Students entering the playground before the 8.50am bell is also unsafe. There is no teacher supervision before that time so students are at risk of hurting themselves without the school aware. Please drop your child off when the school day begins at 8.50am and there is supervision.

The school was in alert last week due to an incident in a local school where a students was approached by a stranger. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of students exiting the school at the 3.20pm bell and going straight home or to the place where you expect them to be. We have discussed strategies in classes around stranger danger so please reinforce this to your child.

We care for the safety of your child and need your support as our students need constant reinforcing due their young ages.