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Coles Sports for Schools Update

June 21st, 2018 | Posted by P&C President


A very big thank you to everyone who collected the Coles Sports for Schools vouchers.  OPS collected a whopping 50,026 vouchers! The school has just placed the order for sports equipment, with a fantastic range of items totalling $1,933.76 in value.  Sports covered include T-Ball, Netball, Rugby League, Touch Football and Soccer.  The order is due to arrive in Term 3.

The full order can be viewed here: Coles SFS Items

Successful Telstra Kids grant

June 21st, 2018 | Posted by P&C President

The P&C is delighted to announce that our school has won a Telstra Kids digital kit. The school will be receiving 15 Gamer Kits suitable for Stage 3 which allows students to create their own LED animations with music (value $1,500), further developing their STEAM skills.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to an OPS parent, Juliana Hristov from Telstra, for applying for the funding for us. We are very excited to share in the million dollars the Telstra Foundation provides each year.


Small Change Challenge

June 20th, 2018 | Posted by P&C President

It’s that time of the year again! The P&C is calling for your spare change in our small change challenge.

Our goal is to raise money to go towards a new outdoor collaborative learning space opposite the library.

Kicking off in Term 3, we will be running a competition to see which class can raise the most money.

So start looking between your cushions and underneath the car seats for spare change!

School Crossing

June 20th, 2018 | Posted by P&C President

After many years of lobbying by the P&C, I am very pleased to advise that a school crossing across Letitia Street has finally been approved by Georges River Council! The P&C identified a new crossing as a priority as far back as 2014 and it was spearheaded by Simon Chan, the previous P&C President.  The Roads & Maritime Service have strict criteria for new pedestrian crossings whereby a minimum amount of vehicular and pedestrian movements must be achieved twice a day.  The P&C have requested several traffic counts over the years, but it wasn’t until December 2018 that we finally achieved the criteria.

Once the 2018/2019 budget is confirmed by Council, we will know more about when the crossing will be built.

Council’s traffic engineers visited the school earlier in the year and recommended some changes to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow.  These changes include:

  1.  Pedestrian crossing across Letitia Street, near the school gate: This will entail several changes along Letitia Street to accommodate RMS rules around parking near a crossing and to ensure visibility.  The biggest changes will be that some areas will be converted to No Parking and other areas (particularly the “bays” between the trees on Letitia Street directly in front of the school) will have the same parking restrictions as the Drop off zone in Letitia Street, namely that it will be No Parking between 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm.  These areas will effectively become another Drop off/Pick up zone.  Once we have more information about when construction will begin on the school crossing, further details about specific traffic changes will be circulated.  NB: No trees on Letitia Street will be removed as part of the new school crossing.
  2. New Drop Off/Pick Up zone on Oatley Avenue: Previously, there was an unused bus zone on Oatley Avenue.  This has now been converted to No Parking and will operate the same as the Drop Off/Pick Up zone in Neville Street.  This new zone might work well for 3-6 students who will be able to exit the school through the gate on Oatley Avenue, near the flats.  As with any No Parking zone, please be mindful of the restrictions within the Road Rules.
  3. Extension of No Parking in Neville Street: This is a minor change.  Previously there was a “No Standing” sign in the Drop Off/Pick Up zone in Neville Street.  If the bays within the “No Parking” area were full, many parents ended up stuck in the “No Standing” zone which was technically a violation of the Road Rules.  The “No Parking” area has been extended to cover an extra car space and the “No Standing” sign removed.  So there should be enough room for 4 cars on the southern side of Neville Street in the Drop Off/Pick Up zone.  This is a minor change but means parents in the 4th car won’t get booked (so long as they are abiding by the No Parking rules within the Road Rules).

New Play areas

June 7th, 2018 | Posted by P&C President

In 2016, the P&C applied for a State Government grant to build 2 new play areas at OPS.  After many delays, the project has finally been completed!

Location: One play area is located on the southern 3-6 side of the school, ehind the chicken coop.  The play area on the infants side is behind the demountables, near Oatley Avenue.

Scope: The project involved site preparation and excavation, supply and install sandstone boulders, timber fort, decks, balance beams and log steps. The configuration encourages environmental learning, social cooperation, imagination and physical activity.

Cost: The total playground cost was $80,000.  The State Government grant was $39,316 and the P&C contributed $40,684.  The school managed the project.

A big thank you to Mark Coure, State Member for Oatley for the grant, it is greatly appreciated.  We have 2 new play areas for our growing school which is a wonderful end result.

Another big thank you to the P&C Grants Committee (Sandy Plummer, Alison Katona & Sam Flyght) who did an enormous amount of work to bring this project to fruition.  As these ladies are currently busy at work applying for the next round of grants, I would like to acknowledge their efforts.  The school community is very grateful for everything you do!

Infants Side:


Senior Side

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