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P&C Minutes – 13 September 2017

October 9th, 2017 | Posted by Kim D'Olier

Oatley Public School P&C minutes 13 September 2017 – 7pm

Present: Debbie H, Sandy G, Leisha, Kelly H, Kim D, Alison K, Myfwny S


Apologies: Mel, Ingrid, Sandy P, Sue-Anne F, Amanda B, Ynja B, Mike D


Welcome and introduce new attendees: No new attendees.


Item Action Person Responsible
1. Actions: Interrelate – this is booked out for the remainder of 2017. Book Interrelate (for students in Stage 2) for Term 1, 2018.


Sandy G
2. Correspondence: Cards and letters received in response to Centenary Celebrations – wonderful feedback from former students and staff.


Nil Nil
3. Decisions: Nil since last meeting.


Nil Nil
4. Principal’s Report:


School Support from P&C Funding:

Got Game T1 $22,470 OPS paid + T4 $22,470 (P&C Cost $14,980)


Pending as Joint Initiatives:

  • Community Grant for north site and chicken coop playground upgrades – tender process is underway.
  • Centenary open day – the day was a great success. Thanks to all involved, including OPS and P&C.
  • Flyscreen for canteen – this is now installed.
  • G Block roof upgrade – work is expected to commence in Term 4.


General Business:

  • There will be many maternity part-time positions in 2018. Classes expected to be full to capacity. K-2 class sizes will be kept small, as recommended by DoE. 21 classes across the school; static from 2017.
  • General Assistant – Mr Ross SMITH appointed for Wed/Thurs/Fri.
  • Centenary Fair updates – P&C will cover small costs incurred by OPS.
  • Mark COURE Community Awards – P&C asked to consider nominations.
  • Kinder Orientation dates – 12 Oct, 26 Oct and 9 Nov. 61 children enrolled for 2018 so far; no out of area placements offered due to in area capacity now reached.
  • Upgrade to school stream app – this will occur during the holidays. Parents will need to install the new app. New notifications will begin on 29 Sep; final notification to occur on 6 October.
  • 2017 school evaluation dates for community consultation – Wed 1 Nov, 3.30 – 6.30 and 15 Nov 3.30 – 6.30pm.
  • Friday 15 Dec: Last day of school for 2017.
  • Thursday 30 November 2017: Seniors Lunch.
  • Celebrating Success Assemblies: K – 2 (Wed 6 Dec, 9.30 – 11.30am) and 3 – 6 (Thurs 7 Dec, 9.30 – 11.30am).




5. Treasurer’s Report:


  • 234 gala dinner tickets sold in total; and
  • 163 Centenary books sold so far.


Bank Accounts Balance
Building Fund – $6,916.38
Canteen $10,500.07
EFTPOS Machine $8,498.29
Main Account $63,608.41
Uniform $11,287.63
Total $100,810.78
6. Building Fund – No new update apart from the Building Fund to provide funds for the Stronger Communities Grant if successful as part of the matching requirements.  
7. Grants – Community Building Partnership Grant (playgrounds): first update is due for submission Friday 15 Sept.


Butterfly garden: Sueanne has sent Debbie an email about purchasing plants and monies still available from the Yates Grant.  Debbie to reply.


Stronger Communities Grant (David Coleman – school hall):  we have been advised that we were successful under the expression of interest and now need to send in a formal grant application by 28 September.  Debbie has received three quotes.  The grant amount has been indicated at $11,500 which will be matched by the Building Fund (approx. $6,500 and the remainder 50/50 with school and P&C).


  Sandy P




Sueanne F


8. Sponsorship – We now have 14 sponsors as we signed up a new Silver sponsor last week – Dr Deborah Lake Orthodontist.    
9. Canteen Report:

* Flyscreen is now installed.

* Canteen is busy and trading well.

10. Uniform Shop:

* Preparations are underway for Kinder Orientation – more volunteers are needed to assist.

* All present at the meeting agree that ‘old stock’ zip jacks should be sold at a reduced cost.

Volunteers needed to assist with Kinder Orientation.


Old style zip jackets to be sold at a reduced cost.

Amanda B
11. Spring Fair:

* Centenary merchandise to be sold at the fair

* Coffee van to sell drinks

Kelly organise with Mike
12. Any Other Business:

* Illness at school – this winter has been particularly bad for colds / flu. School desks are wiped down by cleaners each day after school.

* Parents asked about the availability of soap in the toilets – all toilet blocks are equipped with soap; additional dispensers will be added.

* Suggestion to allocate smaller fundraising activities to particular grades. This format was supported by those present at the meeting – Kelly H to look at suggested events.

Meeting Closed: 8.30pm.

Next meeting: 11 October 2017.



Centenary Fair – Volunteers needed for Pamphlet Delivery

October 4th, 2017 | Posted by Mike D

The Centenary Fair is fast approaching on 4th Nov and we are now seeking volunteers to deliver pamphlets, advertising the fair, around the local area.

We will be delivering the pamphlets to letterboxes throughout Oatley and Oatley West as well as some areas a little further afield such as Penshurst and Hurstville Grove. The pamphlets need to be delivered sometime between October 22nd and November 3rd.

If you can spare an hour or two to assist with the pamphlet delivery please email Susan at nickmullen@optusnet.com.au

Thank you, in anticipation of your support!

It’s Springcleaning Time!

September 20th, 2017 | Posted by Mike D

Our Centenary Fair is coming up on the 4th November, and we need your donations of second hand goods for the Trash and Treasure stall and the Second Hand Book stall.

Over the holidays, get the kids to declutter and put together any goods for donating – you get a clean house and you can help the school with your donations!

We are looking for items such as books, CDs, DVDs, games, toys, sporting goods, household items, unwanted presents, accessories – basically anything that is in a good second hand condition, that you would reasonably expect someone else to buy. “Vintage” items particularly welcome, given we are celebrating our centenary.

Details for dropping off donations will be announced early in Term 4.

Thanks for your support.

Centenary Fair Raffle – help needed

September 20th, 2017 | Posted by Mike D

The Centenary Fair is on Sat 4th November and we hope the raffle will be a major fundraiser on the day.

If anyone could spare some time over the next few weeks to help get the raffle up and running, please contact mike on 0413 892 832. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Oatley Public School P&C Minutes – 9 August 2017

August 27th, 2017 | Posted by Kim D'Olier

Oatley Public School P&C minutes 9 August 2017 – 7pm


Present: Slavica M, Sandy G, Leisha, Kelly H, Sue-Anne F, Kim D, Alison K, Myfwny S, Amanda B, Ynja B, Simon C, Claire C

Apologies: Debbie H, Mel, Ingrid, Sandy P


1. Welcome

No new members.

2. Actions

SueAnne F will email first draft of ‘drop-off zone’ banner to P&C for comment.
3. Correspondence

Letter received from David COLEMAN (local Federal MP) wrote on our behalf to the NSW Minister for Education. In his response, the Minister has not made any changes to the catchment area for Peakhurst HS. We’re still waiting on a response from representations made by Mark COURE (local State MP) on behalf of Oatley, Oatley West and Mortdale P&Cs.
4. Decisions

Those present at the meeting approve $165 to be spend on hiring the sound system for the OPS Christmas Markets.
Simon C to comment on the P&C Facebook page regarding protocol of parents taking pictures / video of students at school events.
5. Principal’s report

School Support from P&C Fundraising:

  • Got Game – P&C cost $14,980 (total T1 and T4 is $44,940)
  • Mathletics – P&C cost $3,000 (school to forward invoice to P&C)

Pending as Joint Initiatives:

  • Upgraded cricket pitch is a great improvement.
  • Tender process is about to commence regarding the upgrading of the north-site and chicken coop playground areas. OPS paid $67,000 for this initiative; this is still to be claimed back from P&C / Grant. Grant amount $39,000 plus P&C amount of $39,000 allocated, with OPS paying for any difference.
  • Centenary Celebrations – strategy is well-developed.
  • Student Leadership Team Blazers – Blazers look fantastic. Leadership Team has already worn them at SPAF with wonderful success. Thank you very much Amanda B for such wonderful work.
  • Solar Tube – this is now installed in the school hall – $1,181.82 allocated from the Building Fund.
  • Flyscreen for canteen – to be organised.

General Business:

  • Athletics carnival – thank you to the P&C for the support. Parent concerns have been raised regarding the athletics carnival and school open day held on the same week; this creates difficulties for parents who are unable to attend two events during the same week. Attempts will be made to hold the carnival and open day on separate weeks in following years.
    Education week – successful showcase of work by children and teachers. Concerns were raised that not all children were participating on stage.
  • Virtual tour – this is now available on the OPS website. Thanks to Slav M.
  • SPAF – thank you to all for the support.
  • Author visit – funds from Book Fair used to provide author visit to students.
  • 2018 enrolments and staffing – anticipating enrolments have been submitted to the Department and teacher expectations are now being finalized for 2018.
  • General Assistant – interviews for a new GA are to be conducted, as Robert KLINKER has retired.
  • Years 3 and 5 are to trial proposed online version of NAPLAN later in Term 3 (this is a pilot program for future years – not assessable).
  • Flyers for OPS Christmas Market to be distributed at the Oatley Lions Festival – there was a suggestion that the student leadership team could do this. Kelly H to follow up.
  • Interrelate – suggestion to run this program annually. Sandy G to follow up.


6. Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balances across:             $143,000
Expenses to be paid:              $114,000
Grants to be paid:                   $39,000
Dinner Gala:                            $12,109.22 148 tickets
Pavers:                                    $1,780.90 50 pavers
Bookfair:                                 $312
Balance:                                  $55,000
Floats to be organised for the 8th September (Open Day) and the 9th September (Local elections).

7. Building Fund (Alison K)

  • Those present at the meeting voted to appoint Slavica M to the building fund committee; Slavica will act as a committee member.
  • Current Building Fund balance – $6,907.71. In past 12 months have raised $18,205.90 and spent $11,298.19 over three projects.

8. Grants (Alison K)

  • P&C received an invitation from David COLEMAN MP to apply for The Stronger Communities grant. This is a 50/50 grant – proposed the non-grant 50% be split between building fund, P&C and school. Suggestion that the P&C pursues this opportunity and that an application be made to fix the floor in the school hall. EOI for this grant closes on 15 August 2017.
  • The Butterfly Garden is progressing well; plants will soon be purchased from Bunnings and planted by children in GreenSparks (SueAnne F).

9. Canteen report (Ingrid and Mel)

  • Sushi Wednesdays are going well.
  • Suggestion to sell ice-cream left over from the Year 6 fun day on election day.

10. Uniform shop (Amanda B)

  • Thank you Amanda for your wonderful work organising the blazers for the student leadership team.
  • A new shelf is needed for the lost property area.
  • New uniform order form is now updated – this is to be emailed to Jacqui B to be uploaded to the website.

11. School Centenary (Slav and Sandy G)

  • Merchandise has now been ordered (cards, bags, tattoos, coffee mugs) Ynja B.
  • Those present at the meeting agree to spend an additional $600 on merchandise.
  • Price list for merchandise to be organised (Kelly H and Emma W)
  • Original artworks to be auctioned; they will be displayed in Echoes boutique in Oatley.
  • Historical book is being produced (sell for $35 each).
  • Suggestion that two ‘Oatley Public School’ banners be ordered to display at the Centenary dinner ($94 each). These banners could subsequently be used by the school.

12. Sponsorship (Alison K)

  • $22,000 obtained in sponsorship support to date (total 12 sponsors)

13. AOB

Meeting closed: 9.01pm

Next meeting: Wednesday 13 September


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