Meet the Teacher Information

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski

The K- 6 ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions have been scheduled for Wednesday 21st February 2018.

Please view the attachment below, detailing session times and an outline of information that will be presented.

Meet the Teacher

We look forward to seeing many parents at this event.

Thank you for your support.

Safety on the Internet

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski

On Thursday 15th February, the local police came to the school to discuss the important issues of cyber bullying with our 3-6 students. The police were extremely supportive of the students by answering their questions with vital information for their age group. All the students eagerly engaged in the sessions and were proactive in asking many questions.

Some students quotes are written below:

“We learnt that you have to be over thirteen to go on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and social media.”

” I have learnt how to handle a cyber bullying situation. I also will tell my parents if I think my account is being cyber bullied.”

“At the police talk I learnt not to get Facebook till I was a least 13 or over, with out my parents permission”.

The website “Think U Know” is very useful for parents as a tool to open discussions about cyber bullying and safe ways to use the internet.

For more information please visit the website link below and view the attached flyer.

Think U Know Website

Cyber safe1

LifeSkills 5-6 “Snippets Newsletter” 2

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski

Week 2 ~Communication and honesty

 This week in the Tools for Transition program, students were taught the importance of honest communication and mindful listening. Throughout the lesson, students had the opportunity to discuss and experience why honesty is important with their class and were prompted to ‘speak up’ and increase their contribution in a range of co-operative situations.

Additionally, students practised mindful listening by listening very carefully to a specific sound. After, the class was able to share their experiences and discuss why listening mindfully is so important in our lives. Students also increased their awareness on how mindful listening can also expand academic, athletic and creative success. Throughout the game this week, students were prompted to increase their focus, concentration, coordination and communication.

Parents/Carers: Ask your child why it is important to be honest in their communication, especially during times of transition.

Family selfcare tip: Take a walk with your child and pay attention to all the sounds around you. When you are walking try and label each sound in your mind. For example, if you hear a bird, say to yourself, “bird.”

Lifeskills K-4 “Snippets Newsletter” 2

February 16th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski

Week 2~ Mindful Listening and honesty

At Life Skills Groups, we believe that mindful listening and communication are important areas of growth and development in children. In week two, Life Skills teachers reviewed the important value of honesty through the focus of mindful listening. Students learnt how to listen mindfully by concentrating on specific sounds. They practised staying still and quiet while they listened to soothing sounds. This listening activity helped students understand that there is always noise around us, but we can actually train our brain to focus on one sound at a time.

Additionally, students began to explore listening to their bodies. By using their breath to stay focused students learnt how to become aware of how they actually feel physically and emotionally. Through awareness we begin to understand what may be creating our feelings. Students discovered how concentration helps develop a focused mind and a feeling of calm. They also learnt how these skills of focused attention could be applied in their lives. The games this week taught students how to be honest with themselves and to be an honest participant of a team.

Parents/Carers: Ask your child to show you the mindfulness/breathing activity they participated in this week and how or when it could help us. Reinforcement is the key.

Family self-care tip : Take a walk in nature, being mindful of the sounds around you.

Newtown High School Performing Arts Auditions

February 15th, 2018 | Posted by Slavica Markovski

Year 7 and Year 11 2019

Students currently in Year 6 or Year 10 2018 enrolled in public or non-government schools who are
seeking entrance into Year 7 or Year 11 in 2019 in Dance, Drama or Music at Newtown High School
of the Performing Arts, must participate in audition workshops.

Auditions will be held between Monday 25th June to Friday 6th July 2018.

For further information please view the document below.


Thank you

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